Andri Schenardi

Andri Schenardi

Andri Schenardi was born in 1980 in Altdorf in Canton Uri. He studied drama at the Zurich University of the Arts, and his first engagement was in 2007 at Konzert Theater Bern, working with directors such as Erich Sidler, Matthias Kaschig, Markus Bothe, Jan-Christoph Gockel and Claudia Bauer.

Schenardi has played various leading roles in classical and modern theatre including Hamlet, Pinocchio, Volpone, Cyrano de Bergerac, Jay Gatsby and even the female head of the mental asylum in Dürrenmatt’s “The Physicists”, Mathilde von Zahnd. As a freelance actor, Schenardi is active in theatre and in film, and has also recorded radio plays. His main role before the camera up to now was as the narrator Franky Loving in Dani Levy’s one-take episode of the series “Tatort”, namely “Die Musik stirbt zuletzt”.

Andri Schenardi has been a freelance actor since 2014 and is regularly engaged by the Grazer Schauspielhaus and elsewhere.


Sunday, 9.4.2023