Andermatt Concert Hall

The mountains resound

ANDERMATT MUSIC is the concert organiser of the Gotthard region, bringing music to the highest-lying concert venue in Switzerland, the Andermatt Concert Hall. Situated right at the centre of Europe’s north-south axis, Andermatt’s geographical position makes it well-nigh
predestined to bring together different cultures, people and classical music. As the only true concert hall in the Alps, the Andermatt Concert Hall offers an all-year concert season on the Gotthard and also provides architecturally optimum conditions for a unique concert experience.
ANDERMATT MUSIC is the main music event organiser in the region, and in line with the sustainable development of Andermatt, it has established the Concert Hall as an alpine beacon for classical music.

The Swiss conductor and musicologist Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer is taking on the direction of ANDERMATT MUSIC, which offers some 20 concerts per year. At the same time, the Andermatt Concert Hall will for the first-ever time acquire its own orchestra in residence: the Swiss Orchestra, directed by Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer.

Cosmopolitan but close to home

ANDERMATT MUSIC stands for high-quality music events off the beaten track, and convinces through its innovative, versatile concert programming. The three pillars of its programme are WELT BÜHNE — WORLD STAGE, SCHWEIZER KLASSIK — SWISS ORCHESTRA and HEIMAT KLÄNGE — LOCAL ROOTS, and they provide for concerts that have international appeal while remaining true to local roots. Along with the Swiss Orchestra, celebrated stars of the classical scene, world-famous orchestras and outstanding ensembles from Central Switzerland will be performing. As a podium for internationally established figures and as a platform for local musicians, the Andermatt Concert Hall is both a magnet for guests from all over the world and a cultural meeting place for Central Switzerland.

World Stage –
Welt Bühne

Top-class orchestras and world-famous conductors and soloists lend the Andermatt Concert Hall a special lustre and international appeal. Stars of the international classical scene will bring their renown and outstanding concerts to the Gotthard region.

Swiss Orchestra –
Schweizer Klassik

As the Andermatt Concert Hall’s orchestra in residence, the Swiss Orchestra guarantees a unique concert experience. It will perform a large proportion of the symphonic programme in Andermatt, combining unexpected jewels of Swiss symphonic music with famous classical highlights, presented in collaboration with renowned soloists. Andermatt, situated in the heart of Switzerland, is an important stop on every national tour of the Swiss Orchestra. As Andermatt’s orchestra in residence, the Swiss Orchestra will also be heard in tailor-made concert formats such as chamber music events and family concerts.

Local Roots –
Heimat Klänge

The Andermatt Concert Hall offers a platform for local musicians, thereby ensuring that it remains in touch with its local roots. Performances by outstanding ensembles from Canton Uri and innovative artists from Central Switzerland will reveal the rich musical diversity of the Gotthard region. These concerts are aimed at a broad audience that is keen to experience diverse traditions and up-and-coming talent.

Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer, Andermatt Music