Sunday, 23.3.2025
5.00 pm

Double trouble


Fränggi & Maria Gehrig Duo
Maria Gehrig, violin
Fränggi Gehrig, accordion

InterFolk Trio
Maria Gehrig, violin
Andrea Ulrich, accordion
Patricia Ulrich, piano

When the Fränggi & Maria Gehrig Duo and the InterFolk Trio play in Andermatt, it’s like local heroes returning home. They will be giving free rein to their impressions and experiences, inspired by all manner of different musical styles.

Prices: CHF 85 / 70 / 50 / 35


About the programme

In his music dictionary of 1867, Friedrich Graßler described the accordion as “that terrible instrument of torture with which young men of an awkward age make the streets unsafe of an evening”. He also warned those in the general public who are in danger of hearing it: “Woe to you who have the misfortune to come within audible range of such an instrument. Flee! Block your ears so that they cannot hear the impending apocalypse, otherwise your fate shall be despair!” These harrowing words are a warning about an instrument that admittedly doesn’t always enjoy the best of reputations, but whose relatives have nevertheless found their way into many folk cultures around the world, be it as the bandoneon (Argentina), the sanfona (Brazil), the trikitixa (the Basque country), the garmon (Russia), the schwyzerörgeli in Switzerland or, more generally, simply as the ‘accordion’ itself (France, Ireland, Scotland, etc.).

The accordionist Fränggi Gehrig has undoubtedly long put his “awkward age” behind him (if ever it were necessary). He is certainly no acoustic threat on the streets. And in any case, he’s performing inside, in the Andermatt Concert Hall, together with his sister Maria Gehrig on the violin. These two “local heroes” grew up in Andermatt itself and have been making music together since they were kids. They both possess great technical and musical ability and trust each other implicitly – a combination that guarantees their audience a wealth of melodies, rhythms, sounds and styles. They are rooted in Swiss folk music but inspired by classical music and jazz, and give free rein to their musicality in their “Fränggi & Maria Gehrig Duo”.

The second ensemble performing this evening – the “InterFolk Trio” – also has an accordionist in its ranks: Andrea Ulrich. When playing together with Maria Gehrig on the violin and Patricia Ulrich on the piano, Ulrich is free to revel in her virtuosity and to experiment to her heart’s content. This trio oozes enthusiasm as it explores the full spectrum of folk music, combining the old with the new. Their name “InterFolk” also testifies to their programming approach. Their highly varied repertoire includes compositions of their own alongside works by renowned Swiss musicians such as Markus Flückiger and Willi Valotti, plus pieces by the French jazz accordionist Richard Galliano and the Argentinian bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla. To sum up: there’s no need to despair, or to fear that this concert will bring the end of the world. And you won’t even have to block your ears…


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