Sunday, 6.2.2022
4.30 pm

gläuffig & friends


The ensemble “Gläuffig” from Canton Uri is giving a home performance with friends in the Andermatt Concert Hall. They will entice us all into the world of folk music, ranging from the traditional to the new.

Prices: CHF 85 / 70 / 45


Ländler ensemble in the style of Central Switzerland

Old folk music from the 19th century

Schwyzerörgeli (Swiss accordion) music from various regions and eras

Concertante folk and salon music

And much more

About the programme

Swiss folk music is extremely varied. It offers a broad array of regional styles and specialities, from the “ländler” ensembles of Central Switzerland featuring clarinet, accordion, piano and double bass to the music of Canton Appenzell for strings and dulcimer.

The ensemble “Gläuffig”, along with four musician friends, invites the Andermatt audience to an exciting ramble through the different traditions to be found in Swiss folk music. Starting with the origins of ländler music in the 19th century, they will take us on a journey through different periods right up to our own time, crossing several Swiss Alpine regions on their hunt for the traces of musical traditions. “Gläuffig & Friends” will thus be adopting different regional characteristics and traditions. They will present a ländler ensemble in the style of Central Switzerland, music from the Muota Valley Graubünden and Appenzell, old folk music from the 19th century, and music for Swiss accordion (the “schwyzerörgeli”) from different regions and epochs.

In their ramble through Swiss music history, these professional musicians do not merely juxtapose different styles, but intentionally use unusual connections in order to create something new: a folk music that remains conscious of its roots, traditions and identity, but at the same time hunts out new sources of inspiration and musical opportunities for expression. This act of opening up aims to expand the Swiss repertoire without wholly abandoning regional characteristics and peculiarities. As Fränggi Gehrig has said, they aim to present “a folk music that is topical and fully developed, with all manner of influences”. He is himself from Andermatt, and this evening in the Concert Hall is thus a kind of “homecoming” for him.

When “Gläuffig & Friends” ascend the podium in the Andermatt Concert Hall for their audience to enjoy their performance with a glass of wine in hand, then the classical venue of the concert hall meets the ambiance of a folk jam session to create a wonderful combination.


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