Tuesday, 27.12.2022
7.30 pm



Mathias Landtwing, Bandleader, clarinet
Kristina Brunner, Cello, schwyzerörgeli
Simone Felber, vocals
Laurent Girard, keys
Pirmin Huber, bass
Andreas Gabriel, violin
Jwan Steiner, drum, percussion

The bandleader and clarinettist Mathias Landtwing from Central Switzerland offers surprises with his ensemble “Helvetikuss”, playing traditional music in a fresh guise.

Prices: CHF 85 / 70 / 45


About the programme

The music of “Helvetikuss” is all at once fresh, witty, virtuosic, cheeky and moving. “Helvetikuss” was (and is) the band for the Circus Lapsus Show. It offers a sure-fire guarantee of fascinating sounds with the certain something that’s needed to accompany comic, artistic circus acts. This ensemble, with the composer and clarinettist Mathias Landtwing from Zug at its heart, is now venturing onto the concert stages of Switzerland. Its captivating programme can be experienced live at the Andermatt Concert Hall.

Inspired by the movement, the energy and the choreography of circus artists, band-leader Mathias Landtwing has meanwhile tracked down corresponding elements in Swiss folk music. He has written inventive arrangements and composed new pieces using traditional dances such as the ländler, schottisch and polka, but also employing yodels and yodelling whoops, all the while clothing them in fresh apparel. A measure might slip into an odd metre, the beats might groove, a chord can assume an unusual sound, and a classic can be presented in a surprising way. Sometimes he does it with a twinkle in his eye and a dash of humour, but always with respect for tradition and attention to detail.

In addition to the instruments found in “classical” ländler ensembles (the schwyzerörgeli accordion, clarinet, piano and double bass), “Helvetikuss” also employs yodelling, violin, cello and percussion. All its musicians are firmly rooted in tradition, but have taken their music and instrumental playing to a different level. They celebrate their (new) folk music with virtuosity, but without fear of contact with other musical styles, and they demonstrate an intoxicating enthusiasm while skilfully combining tradition and innovation.

Come and experience seven great talents from the new generation of Swiss folk musicians in the form of the band “Helvetikuss”. Together, they offer an enchanting new voice on the diverse Swiss folk music scene.


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