Saturday, 8.4.2023
5.30 pm



David Jud, clarinet
Guillermo Casillas, trumpet
Fabian Jud, trumpet
Jérôme Müller, bass trumpet
Tobi Zwyer, tuba

The band “Schäbyschigg” – derived from “shabby chic” – is true to its name, playing timeless music with traditional instruments but in modern interpretations.

Prices: CHF 85 / 70 / 45


About the programme

The wind ensemble “Schäbyschigg” is at home between the mountains of Säntis and Pilatus, and with its instrumental line-up it might best be categorised as “new Swiss folk music” – though their music hardly fits any one category. The band’s name – a Swiss-German pronunciation of “shabby chic” – reflects its musical activities too. They are a traditional ensemble that plays timeless music in modern interpretations. They unearth melodies from long ago, polish them up, apply a fresh coat of paint, and present them in a new guise. First and foremost, however, these five musicians make their own music: sometimes groovy, sometimes energetic, sometimes melancholic, sometimes rustic – but always authentic and fresh. They play songs and dances of life that communicate sheer joy.

Schäbyschigg consists of five fearless, cosmopolitan musicians: they hit the road with their instruments, cheese, bread and dried meat in their rucksacks, off to bring cheer to people’s hearts near and far with their music. With a clarinet, large and small trumpets, tuba and accordion, they carry their melodies out into the world – or at least into the nearest pub!

You can experience Schäbyschigg’s new programme live in Andermatt. It offers a respectful look back at times of yore: “REtroSchPEKTivä”, a portmanteau word combining “RESPECT” and “Retrospective”. With this programme, the musicians want to prove that the past was neither better nor worse, and that tomorrow is already yesterday once again! This is why their maxim is: celebrate the moment, and enjoy it to the fullest.


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