David Jud

David Jud is a master clarinettist. And indeed, he also has a Master in classical clarinet and in music pedagogy, along with rich experience in loud, entertaining music (from Dixie to klezmer and Bohemian/Moravian music). So he’s ideally equipped to match his brass-playing colleagues and make himself heard. If needs be, he’ll do so by scaling the dizzying heights of his instrument, skilfully improvising on the musical text.

Guillermo Casillas

Guillermo Casillas grew up in Avila in Spain and today lives in downtown Zurich. He’s responsible for the band’s high trumpet sounds. He acquired his skills on the classical trumpet at the universities of music in Salamanca, Amsterdam and Zurich. Guillermo is the calming influence in Schäbyschigg. Technically adept and bubbling with ideas, he can solve every problem, regardless of its nature.

Fabian Jud

Fabian Jud, David’s younger brother, lives in Eschenbach. He is classically trained, has a Master in music education from the Zurich University of Music, and brings the joy of music to his pupils both young and old. Fabian Jud is a versatile trumpet player in Schäbyschigg: whether he’s playing the melody, a countermelody or a groove, he always hits the right notes.

Jérôme Müller

Jérôme Müller lives in Langnau in Canton Lucerne. Having grown up in the Swiss brass band scene, he has a lot of competition experience and so possesses the composure necessary to manage his fast, virtuoso passages. He studied the euphonium in Lucerne, but now plays the bass trumpet in Schäbyschigg.

Tobi Zwyer

Tobi Zwyer grew up in Sisikon in Canton Uri. He has a Master in earth sciences, and appropriately grounds the music of the band with its deepest notes. He also possesses the foresight of a trained wind band conductor. He is mainly responsible for the groove, but occasionally also draws attention to himself on the accordion and with his voice. But what would a tuba player be without a knowledge of the abyss? Balkan brass and folk-punk bring out the real personality of this well-earthed player on the bass line.