Sunday, 29.9.2024
11.00 am

Welcome and dialogue


Introducing ANDERMATT MUSIC: Come and take a peek at what happens behind the scenes of a concert performance, and enjoy coffee and croissants as you find out more about different careers in music (admission free) – accompanied by music from prize-winners of the Muri Competition.

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Round table
Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer, Intendant, ANDERMATT MUSIC
Olga Scheps, pianist
Renato Bizzotto, President of The Muri Competition
Andreas Baumgartner, dramaturge, ANDERMATT MUSIC

Prize-winners of the Muri Competition
Marlene Vilela Gomes, oboe
Max Vogler, oboe
Nur Meisler, bassoon
Enrico Bassi, bassoon

About the programme

The ANDERMATT MUSIC team, led by its artistic director Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer, is now setting out on its fourth season, offering Andermatt a diverse, versatile concert programme lasting all-year round. After last season’s successful edition, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to an open morning once more this year, and to chatting with you in a relaxed atmosphere with coffee and croissants.

We are delighted to take this opportunity to present the programme for the forthcoming season of ANDERMATT MUSIC, where you can also expect exciting glimpses behind the scenes. This year’s programme is focussed on the careers of musicians in the classical concert business. What does a musician actually do all day? How do they get so good at what they do? Why does a musician play this particular instrument, and not another? How do they prepare for a performance? Do they have a special ritual before a concert, and how do they deal with stage fright? How important are chance moments? Can you really plan a career? And what role does the audience play? These and other exciting questions will be discussed by Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer, the Intendant of ANDERMATT MUSIC and the Music Director of the Swiss Orchestra, together with the extraordinary pianist Olga Scheps, the President of The Muri Competition Renato Bizzotto, and our dramaturge Andreas Baumgartner.

One of the many, varied ways in which a musician can boost their budding career is by aiming for success in the competitions that offer opportunities for talented musicians to demonstrate their skills. Our open morning will be given a musical frame by prize-winners of The Muri Competition, a renowned competition for oboe and bassoon. Marlene Vilela Gomes and Max Vogler (oboes) and Nur Meisler and Enrico Bassi (bassoons) will let us experience everything that is possible on their instruments: from impressive virtuosity to sensitive musicality and an extraordinary wealth of tonal colours.

Admission is free. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


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About us

ANDERMATT MUSIC stands for high-quality music events off the beaten track, and convinces through its innovative, versatile concert programming.


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