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Alexander Boldachev

Born in Russia and raised in Switzerland, Alexander Boldachev is a multifaceted artist, a committed humanitarian, and an innovative musician, revising the perception of the harp in the 21st century. He creates unique adventures in his concerts with his innovative approach and refusal to conform to stereotypes. Alexander Boldachev won more than 20 different competitions and prizes for performing and composing, including Kleiner Prix Walo (CH), Aoyama Prize (JP), Akademia Award (USA), and ProEuropa (EU). As a classically educated harpist, composer, and conductor, he has mastered various musical genres, including classical, crossover, rock covers, and neoclassical vibes. He has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious venues, such as the Bolshoi Theatre, Carnegie Hall, and Theatre Colon, as well as the Burning Man, and FIFA World Cup Opening. Aside from his busy performing schedule, Alexander is passionate about sharing his knowledge and training methods with aspiring musicians worldwide. He was invited to work with the students at top institutions like The Juilliard School, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, and Royal Academies of Music, Milan Conservatory, Toronto, Beijing, Moscow, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires. His creativity also extends to organizing projects such as the Harp Festival Zürich and World Harp Day, which celebrate the beauty and diversity of his instrument.


Saturday, 28.12.2024