Stephan Eicher

Stephan Eicher discovered the stage in 1977 with his first band, “Noise Boys”. Two years later, he founded the techno-punk band “Grauzone” – today considered a pioneer of electronic music – together with his younger brother Martin Eicher. It was at this time that Stephan Eicher first went into the recording studio. The result was the single “Eisbär”, which sold 500,000 copies in Germany and Switzerland. In late 1983, he released his first solo album, “Chansons bleues”, which firmly established him in the music world. His big triumph came in 1986 with his album “I tell this night”, from which the single “Two people in a room” quickly became a hit. In March of that same year, Stephan Eicher filled the legendary Olympia concert hall in Paris. “Combien de temps”, the first single from his third album “Silence”, also soon became a classic of his repertoire. From this album onwards, Stephan Eicher revealed further musical facets by devoting himself increasingly to playing with other artists for the sheer joy of making music.