Trio Gabriel Nietlispach Pupato, Andermatt Music

Gabriel Nietlispach Pupato Trio

The trio Gabriel Nietlispach Pupato is made up of Andreas Gabriel, Jürg Nietlispach and Andreas Pupato. Gabriel comes from a family in Nidwalden who have a direct connection to Swiss music traditions. He is a versatile violinist who likes to compose and to experiment with old songs, and he teaches the violin (specialising in folk music) at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. He is involved in various projects featuring new, experimental and traditional folk music, and performs at festivals in Switzerland and abroad. Jürg Nietlispach lives in Lucerne. He is an accomplished bass player, guitarist and neck-zither player and is a member of “Pflanzplätz”. He has also worked with Doppelbock and Nadja Räss’s “Stimmreise”. Nietlispach is no stranger to rock, and his string skills give a tangy feeling to the trio’s sound. Andi Pupato studied percussion in Zurich and African drumming in Senegal. This spectrum of activities makes him one of the most sought-after drummers and percussionists in Switzerland. He has worked with many artists including Polo Hofer, Gotthard, Stiller Has and especially Grandmother’s Funk, and he has also worked with Nik Bärtsch (Ronin), Andreas Vollenweider, Kol Simcha, Corin Curschellas and Thierry Lang. Numerous CD recordings and film soundtracks testify to the diversity of his work.