Order “Local” subscription

In the “Local” subscription, you can experience exceptional ensembles from Canton Uri and innovative artists from Central Switzerland.

Everyone resident in Canton Uri and the owners of an apartment in Andermatt Reuss, The Chedi Andermatt, the Interessengemeinschaft Urserental (owners of secondary residences) and the IG Tujetsch will be given 20% discount on all subscriptions. The discount will be applied and confirmed to you after receipt of your order.

Note on category 3 and 4 subscriptions: Stand seats are not available at all concerts; in exceptional cases, you will be given a seat in the dress circle.

Concerts included in the subscription:

Saturday, 13.8.2022
7.30 pm

A song recital with Schubert’s Goethe settings

Mauro Peter, tenor
Joseph Middleton, piano

On the occasion of the first-ever Andermatt Goethe Days, the tenor Mauro Peter from Lucerne and the pianist Joseph Middleton will perform settings of Goethe’s poetry by Franz Schubert that belong to the highpoints of the art of song.

Tuesday, 27.12.2022
7.30 pm

New Folk Music


Mathias Landtwing, Bandleader, clarinet
Kristina Brunner, Cello, schwyzerörgeli
Simone Felber, vocals
Laurent Girard, keys
Pirmin Huber, bass
Andreas Gabriel, violin
Jwan Steiner, drum, percussion

The bandleader and clarinettist Mathias Landtwing from Central Switzerland offers surprises with his ensemble “Helvetikuss”, playing traditional music in a fresh guise.

Sunday, 19.2.2023
4.30 pm

New Folk Music

Eiger Mönch & UrSchwyz

Maria Gehrig, violin
Hanna Landolt, violin
Kristina Brunner, cello & schwyzerörgeli
Evelyn Brunner, double bass


Dani Häusler, clarinet
Fränggi Gehrig, accordion

Maria Gehrig and three more young musicians bring verve to string folk music. “Eiger Mönch & UrSchwyz” will be supported by Dani Häusler (clarinet) and Fränggi Gehrig (accordion).

Saturday, 8.4.2023
5.30 pm

New Folk Music


David Jud, clarinet
Guillermo Casillas, trumpet
Fabian Jud, trumpet
Jérôme Müller, bass trumpet
Tobi Zwyer, tuba

The band “Schäbyschigg” – derived from “shabby chic” – is true to its name, playing timeless music with traditional instruments but in modern interpretations.

Sunday, 9.4.2023
4.30 pm

Music Theatre for Small Ensemble

Solisten des Swiss Orchestra
Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer, conductor
Andri Schenardi, actor

The actor Andri Schenardi from Altdorf, together with members of the Swiss Orchestra, here tell an old fairy tale about a violin, a magic book, the devil and the promise of great riches.