Sunday, 24.9.2023
5.00 pm



Mathias Landtwing, clarinet
Fränggi Gehrig, accordion
Pirmin Huber, double bass
Lukas V. Gernet, piano

Exclusively in Canton Uri: To close the season’s opening weekend, the well-known ensemble with Andermatt roots will launch their new CD ”Momentum”. Don’t miss it!

Prices: CHF 85 / 70 / 45 / 35


Exclusive launch of the new programme “Momentum” in the canton of Uri.

About the programme

“Momentum” is the name the four musicians of Gläuffig have chosen for their new programme. They will be performing it here for the first time in Canton Uri. “Momentum” can be used to describe an opportune impetus – a perfect moment when everything works out. But it is difficult to grasp just what momentum is, and what triggers it. The term is multi-layered: despite its connection to the “now”, it does not merely infer something just temporary or short-lived. Instead, it is something that has been in the making for a long time and is now in full bloom.

This is doubly true of Gläuffig and of the way in which they truly live for Swiss folk music. After 15 years together as a band – and after their last CD, “Gesellenwanderung” (“A journeyman’s wanderings”) – they now present a personal masterpiece: “Momentum” will unite new, original compositions that straddle the boundaries between folk-music traditions and their assorted extensions in matters of sound, harmony, melody and rhythm. After beginning in the style of traditional “ländler” groups, this ensemble developed its very own musical language over time – a language that knows no fear of contact with more modern sounds or more exotic styles. All the same, these four musicians, who were all trained at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, have remained true to their musical roots. They are in tune with their own origins while presenting traditional music in new, substantial interpretations. And in so doing, they always demonstrate great care towards their folk music heritage. The subtle refinement of their compositions does not diminish the virtuosity and joy that are characteristic of Gläuffig’s music, their music-making and their improvising.

Once again, these four musicians have tailored their chosen works to suit themselves perfectly, adapting typically Swiss elements while also borrowing as they please from the world music repertoire. The result is an entertaining, surprising and intoxicating mixture that will delight lovers of traditional folk culture just as much as those whose interests lie in contemporary influences. With fresh impetus and new ideas, Gläuffig will offer their audience grandiose moments of musical happiness. Gläuffig will not just have the momentum on their side, for they will also carry their audience along with them.


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