Eiger Mönch & UrSchwyz

Eiger Mönch & UrSchwyz

Eiger Mönch & UrSchwyz

Maria Gehrig

Maria Gehrig grew up in Andermatt. She took violin lessons with Jens Lohmann at the Zurich Conservatory, with Igor Karsko and Ina Dimitrova at the Lucerne University of Music, and she studied folk music with Noldi Alder and Paul Giger. In 2013 she completed a Master in music education, and in 2016 she also obtained a Master in performance. Maria Gehrig teaches at the Uri Music School. In addition to performing with Eiger Mönch & UrSchwyz, she regularly plays in the following ensembles: Duo Fränggi and Maria Gehrig, Trio InterFolk, the Irish folk band “Cottage”, the Camerata Uri and the house orchestra of the Uri Theatre.

Hanna Landolt

Hanna Landolt grew up in Schwyz and began playing the violin at a very early age. She was encouraged by her siblings and soon joined her family’s own Landolt Quartet. After graduating from high school and completing a Bachelor in music and movement at the Zurich University of the Arts, she completed a Master in education at the Bern University of the Arts with Barbara Doll, taking the violin as her main instrument. Hanna Landolt teaches at the music schools of Schwyz and Zug. She is passionate about playing, whether solo, in duos with various other musicians, in the chamber orchestra collegium musicum uri or in film music projects of the symphony orchestra TriEvent.

Kristina Brunner

After finishing high school, Kristina Brunner studied cello at the Lucerne School of Music, with a focus on folk music. She completed her Bachelor in 2016, studying with Jürg Eichenberger and Andreas Gabriel. She subsequently studied schwyzerörgeli with Markus Flückiger, also at the Lucerne School of Music, successfully completing her course in 2019. Since then, she has been teaching schwyzerörgeli at the music schools in the Gürbetal region, in the city of Lucerne and at MUSIKA. She also has an active concert schedule, especially in her duos with Evelyn Brunner and Albin Brun.

Evelyn Brunner

After graduating from high school, Evelyn Brunner studied music and movement pedagogy at the Lucerne School of Music. In addition to a broad pedagogical training, she took double bass as her principal instrument, studying with Bobby Burri; for her second instrument she took schwyzerörgeli lessons with Markus Flückiger. Evelyn Brunner teaches schwyzerörgeli at the music schools of Thun and Bern, directs folk music courses and is a member of various bands and projects in the field of folk music.