Profilbild Luzia von Wyl

Luzia von Wyl Ensemble

Strings, woodwind and a rhythm section: the instrumental line-up of this ten-member ensemble is as extraordinary as the music of its bandleader, Luzia von Wyl.

This Swiss pianist and composer has made an international name for herself with her ten-piece contemporary jazz orchestra, the Luzia von Wyl Ensemble. She composes all the works played by her Ensemble, and she herself sits at the piano for their concerts. Luzia von Wyl also regularly writes to commission for a wide variety of musicians, ensembles and orchestras. She is currently composing works for the Zurich Chamber Orchestra with Till Brönner, and for Bösendorfer in Vienna.

“This Swiss composer has her very own style – so convincing, thrilling and exhilarating that comparisons are superfluous”, wrote the German magazine Jazzthetik. And after the Ensemble’s debut at the Lucerne Festival, the Luzerner Zeitung wrote: “An airy sound, brilliant virtuosity, minimalist elements and a really special groove: Luzia von Wyl’s well-nigh inexhaustible inspiration pulsates through all these pieces. This is great art”.

And indeed, it is truly an experience to hear these ingeniously crafted compositions live – not least on account of the nine highly expressive musicians for whom Luzia von Wyl writes her tailor-made works. Their audience experiences at first hand their interaction, emotions and sheer joy in playing – all of which are hallmarks of the concerts given by the Luzia von Wyl Ensemble.

The Ensemble was founded ten years ago as a composing workshop. Meanwhile, the Ensemble today plays at festivals all across Europe and beyond, such as at the Swiss Days in Dubai (UAE), the Lucerne Festival (CH), the Schaffhausen Jazz Festival (CH), the Mosel Festival Trier (DE) and the London New Wind Festival (UK). Up to now, the Ensemble has also released two studio albums, both of which received much international acclaim: Frost in 2014 and Throwing Coins in 2018, both released on the HatHut Records label.

Luzia von Wyl, piano and compositions
Roman Glaser, flute
Nicola Katz, clarinet
Marcel Lüscher, bass clarinet
Maurus Conte, bassoon
Vincent Millioud, violin
Karolina Öhman, cello
Jeremias Keller, bass
Luca Staffelbach, marimba
Lionel Friedli, percussion