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Swiss Orchestra

Switzerland is famous for many things, but hardly for its symphonic repertoire. The music of the Swiss composers of the Classical and Romantic periods has long lived a shadowy existence, barely known either at home or in the wider world. The Swiss Orchestra aims to make these unknown facets of Swiss history accessible once more to a broad audience, by presenting programmes that place rare Swiss works alongside well-known masterpieces of the world repertoire. With its nationwide presence and its focus on “Swiss symphonic music”, the Swiss Orchestra has a unique selling point on today’s orchestral landscape.

The Swiss Orchestra is made up of first-class instrumentalists aged between 25 and 45, who have all played in prestigious symphonic and chamber ensembles. This dynamic ensemble sees itself as an orchestra for the whole of Switzerland, building musical bridges from Basel to Graubünden to Geneva. Its aim is to overcome not just language barriers, but also prejudices against classical music. In 2022, the Swiss Orchestra is moving into its new home as the orchestra in residence at the Concert Hall of Andermatt – a famous intersection on the Gotthard railway, in the middle of the Swiss Alps and thus well-nigh predestined to be a site of cultural exchange. The Orchestra’s exciting, innovative concert programmes aim to generate enthusiasm among a broad public for all kinds of orchestral music.